Owing to the globalization of world business, the strategies for a better profitability and a business expansion are based on the migration to markets with cheap labor force. By using Internet and information technologies, the finding of partners, communication and business development have become more accessible, minimizing the time and the costs. A large number of international companies are successfully practicing the outsourcing. If for some activities there are specific impediments to be carried out by outsourcing then the IT services make use of all possible facilities to be successfully applied.

Our company is interested in an outsourcing collaboration on various IT projects offering low prices for quality services. Our fees start at 9 Euro for a working hour on long-term projects (more than 120 working days) or long-term collaborations; for short projects the fees start from 10 Euros for one hour. Every price / deadline estimation is ascertained by needed project development technologies, project size and duration of relationship with the customer.

We are located in Eastern Europe, bordering the European Union. We are young, ingenious and willing to create and achieve success. We are well equipped and we are ready to work with any client wherever he would be located.